Our Music

Batta Books started on the premise that kids love good music! We set out to find quality music produced using real instruments, traditional to Arabic music, and were beyond thrilled that The Brooklyn Nomads were up for collaborating with us! 

The Brooklyn Nomads is a collective of musicians from various cultural and artistic backgrounds, rooted in Arabic and North African music. They have been featured on TED.com and were even joined by Yo-Yo Ma as a guest artist for the Kennedy Center's Arts Summit in Washington, DC. Check them out here. Give some of their music a listen here

Hadi Eldebek led the charge with recomposing the music with oud and buzuq. Vocals were done by Hadi Eldebek alongside Maria Bechara and Nisrine Douidy. Music production by Ali Merghoub. 

Our new Arabic Nursery Rhymes Sound Book highlights the following songs: 

Hal Sisan | vocals by Hadi Eldebek

Mama Zamanha Gaya | vocals by Hadi Eldebek

Hashishet Albi | vocals by Maria Bechara

Ajrada Malha | vocals by Hadi Eldebek and Nisrine Douidy

Ankaboot el Noonoo | vocals by Hadi Eldebek

Bah ya Bah | vocals by Maria Bechara

Learn more about Hadi Eldebek below! 

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Hadi Eldebek Afikra 

Hadi Eldebek on a Silkroad Home Session